Spring Chickadee

March has arrived but spring still feels far away as the temperatures are more appropriate for early January. In the studio I can’t resist painting in spring colors as I use watercolors to sketch a chickadee perched on a branch of wild roses. 

2300The paper I chose for this sketch is a special handmade paper from the Twinrocker Paper.  I have been a fan of this Midwestern paper company for many years. The edges are ‘deckled’ as this small 6×8″ piece is really a whole sheet of the paper.  Often collectors described these as ‘torn paper’ paintings but they are not torn at all, the edges are the natural result of the method of paper making.

(Several years ago I interviewed Kathryn Clark of Twinrocker Paper on their method of papermaking and you can read that interview here)

Collectors of these paintings on handmade papers often frame them ‘floating’ against a contrasting background with the traditional matting set away from the artwork for a three dimensional look.

Watercolor artists especially relate to the paper, brushes and paints they use and this paper has just the right sizing to let me loosen up and let the colors mix. It is fun to paint on and I can’t help but smile as I watch the colors flow around the chickadee.

The painting of a Chickadee & Wild Roses ($80) is currently available from the Bishops Stock Gallery in Snow Hill, MD.

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Kids Pages for a Snow Day


Tree Maze

Recently going through some old sketchbooks I found several drawings I did for children.  I am making two of them available here in a PDF format so you can save them and print them out for the young ones to play with and color.

The Treemaze is a simple maze to show children where forest animals and birds live. Follow the path with a pencil from the animal picture to their favorite hiding place and then you can color the whole page.


Forest Animals

The Forest Animals page is to color any way you wish. There is no reason an owl can’t be purple or the tree leaves pink if the artist chooses.  It is fun to play with color no matter if it is in or outside the lines.

Download the pages by clicking on the file names below. These are meant for home use only and not to be printed out in quantity or sold.  Have Fun!

Download:  TREE MAZE


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Studio Sweep Sale

#2014  'Summer Play'

#2014 ‘Summer Play’

This time every year I go through the paintings in the studio and select some to put in the Studio Sweep Sale at the Bishops Stock Gallery in Snow Hill.  This year I found 13 original paintings to include in the sale and they are priced at a fraction of their original retail. Included are four beach and sand dune paintings that were demonstration pieces when I was teaching.  These are 16×20″, framed and originally retailed for $250-$325.  For this limited sale the price is $140 making it an ideal gift for anyone who loves the shore.

There are other framed works as well as a number of matted pieces starting at $40. Subjects range from landscapes to birds and wildflowers.  Many other area artists also put work into this unique sale as we clear out our studios to make room for next year.  If you are in the area, stop by the quaint town of Snow Hill, there are new shops downtown, charming restaurants and a fresh holiday look.


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