WaterMedia is a term used by many artists.  While I often begin a painting in traditional transparent watercolors, especially if painting on watercolor paper, I often complete the painting’s details with fluid acrylics, watercolor pencils, or even ink when I feel the painting is improved by using those materials.  Since all of these are water based, the term ‘WaterMedia’ is used when more than one is used in a painting.  The original art is highly lightfast and permanent.

Fluid Acrylics are a relatively new media for me.  Unlike tube acrylics, the fluid paints are liquid and highly pigmented.  I find I can use many of the watercolor techniques I have always used but have the additional vibrancy and covering ability of acrylics. 

Watercolors and Fluid Acrylics can be used on traditional watercolor paper or a newer hard panel made for the purpose.  I use Ampersand WaterMedia panels because they have a coating that is most like watercolor paper and  yet the resulting art does not need to be framed under glass.

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