Henry Norwood

In 2000 I wrote, illustrated and published a book about the seventeenth century Cavalier, Henry Norwood.  Norwood visited the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia in 1650 and wrote about  his adventures in a short broadsheet ‘A Voyage to Virginia’.  I was fascinated by the tale of his exploits so researched his life and times and the probable route of his travels.

In the process I drew pen and ink maps of the various areas he traveled and illustrations to go with the book.  The first printing of ‘Cavalier’s Adventure; the Story of Henry Norwood’ sold out and was picked up by Heritage Press who sold it for several years.

Recently I decided it was time to revive ‘Cavalier’s Adventure’ as an e-book so I set aside my watercolors for a while and revisited my ‘old friend’ Henry Norwood.  I feel I have come to know this interesting character again in formatting the e-book.

Now ‘Cavalier’s Adventure’ is available as an ebook download for the Amazon Kindle (and Kindle apps for PC and iPad) at $1.99.
Download the Book HERE

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